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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our apartments are 18m² size and are very similarly designed. There are a few apartments that are smaller and hence a little bit cheaper. Sorry, we don't have any larger apartments than 18m².

The deposit size depends on the specific apartment and planned stay period. Now it varies from 500€ to 1000€.

The deposit is paid after signing the contract by cash or bank transfer. The apartment keys are handed to the tenant after the deposit is received.

Yes, of course. Deposit is refunded at the end of Contract, deducting some money amounts (if applicable). The details are defined in the contract.

The rent fees consist of fixed and variable fees. Fixed fees are:
- Rent fee. The size of it depends on the specific apartment and planned stay dates. The standard 18m² size apartment rent fee is approximately 350 - 420€/month.
- Fixed utilities. This fee is for common services, such as common lighting, corridors cleaning etc. The standard 18m² size apartment fixed fee is 15€/month.
- Heating fee. This fee is paid from October until April inclusive. The standard 18m² size apartment heating fee is 55€/month.
- Internet fee. This fee is optional, it is 5€/month.
Variable fees are fees for electricity and water. The amounts to be paid depends on consumption, which is calculated according to counter readings. Normally it ranges from 20€ up to 80€, very much depending on usage.

The fees are paid every month from 1st until 5th day for ongoing month (variable fees - by counter readings, for previous period).

All the fees are paid to us by one payment every month.

Payment fees are calculated with the help of rentooler.com app. The invitation to signin to this app will be sent to the tenant after the contract is signed. The payment procedure:
- Monthly bill is created by us until 1st of the month in the rentooler.com app.
- Tenant edits the bill, entering the readings and submits.
- Tenant pays shown total by bank transfer or by cash. The payment must be received by us by the 5th of the month, so, the tenant must pay it earlier accordingly.
- Entered readings will be used by rentooler.com app as the base for next month’s variable fees calculation.

Yes, the cleaning fee of 85€ is withdrawn from the deposit on checkout. If the apartment is cleaned by the tenant, this price can be negotiated.

No, only bank transfers or cash payments are accepted.

Yes you can, but the penalty for earlier termination will be withdrawn from the deposit. The penalty size depends on planned stay dates and varies from 1 to 2 months of monthly fees.

Yes, of course. Please note though, that if you plan for someone living with you for a longer period of time (more than 1 week), you should inform us about it.

Unfortunately no, unless they are quiet and finish early. The quiet time starts at 19.00 and the silent time - at 22.00.

No. Smoking in the apartment and in the common areas like stairways / corridors is forbidden.

No, there is not. Usually apartment buildings in Lithuania do not have doormans.

We will send you the contract by email, when the specific apartment is considered for renting.

There is a wired internet in the apartment, so you can connect the PC with an Ethernet port (or Ethernet / USB adapter).
If you need a WiFi connection, you should possess the Wi-Fi router of your own. The internet speed is high, most tenants are happy with it, but since it is shared among the rooms, there can be times when it is a little bit slower.
If you have some special requirements, or you are not satisfied with the internet quality, you have the option to cancel the internet service provided from us, and order your own independent internet connection directly from an internet supplier.

No, it does not. The clothes should be dried in other ways like using drying rack, etc.

No. Only the appliances you see in the apartment pictures, like fridge, hob, microwave are provided.

No. Only a bed with a mattress is provided.

The standard bed mattress size is 90 x 200cm, with a few exceptions of smaller apartments, where it is 90 x 190cm (would inform you separately).

If some of the provided appliances like washing machine, fridge, etc., break without external damage cause, we will repair / replace the malfunctioning equipment by our costs.

All our apartments are located on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors. Unfortunately there is no elevator in the building.

The water is completely drinkable. It is additionally filtered and softened in the building before coming to your apartment.

Yes, we can keep them in the storage room until you need it with no extra fee.

Please contact us by email informing your planned stay dates. We will check the availability and try to suggest the most suitable options with prices.

After you contact us and we send you the specific apartment information with available dates and prices, you can make the decision to reserve it. To reserve the apartment, we will need to get a 250€ payment (by bank transfer or by cash), which will be later calculated into the deposit, decreasing the amount which later needs to be paid.
Please note that if you cancel the reservation for any reason, the reservation payment will not be reimbursed. So we really encourage you to make an informed decision, if possible visit the building to see if you really like the whereabouts, etc.

Please contact us. We will check the apartment availability and let you know.

Yes, of course. The instructions on how to get to the apartment and find the keys will be provided for you upon arrival by email.

The heating system in the building (as most other buildings in the city 's central area) is connected to the urban heating system. The heating season usually begins when the average day temperature is below +10° C three days in the row. If the heating season has not started yet, unfortunately the heating can not be turned on.

It is possible, but every specific request should be discussed with us.